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   List Your Business in The Birmingham City Directory

Please Note: We only accept listings for businesses that have secure websites ( https://)

Would you like to attract more potential customers to your business?

Then you should get listed in the Birmingham City Directory.

We will promote your business to people looking for your products or services in the Birmingham area.

We can offer you better quality, more targeted, visitors than available from any other source.

If you list with other "Search Engines" or "Directories" you never know where your business is going to appear (or whether anyone will ever see it).

All "Enhanced" listings within the directory will not be displayed alphabetically but in the order they are accepted for listing. This means that you are able to "lock in" your position in the listings, no matter what your business name is.

If you visit the category that is most relevant to your business, where you can see the "
Get Your Business Listed Here" is the top available spot within that category.

Please Note: We require online pre-payment to list your business but if we decline your listing for any reason Your Payment Will be Refunded (Less the Paypal fee).


Enhanced Listings

These listing options are the most effective way to list with us. They appear at the top of the category pages and are displayed in the sequence they became listed (Once your business is listed all new listings in that category go below you).
Option 1: With this option you get a listing within the relevant category for a fee of £20 (Once Only Payment). Your listing will include your business name (Bold) as the link to your website plus a single line description of your choice (also linked to your website).

Option 2: You may also add a logo/mini banner (supplied by you in GIF or JPEG format 120x30 pixels) for an additional £10 (Once Only Payment).
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Standard Listing:

If you would like to get listed cheaply then the standard listing may be for you. You get your business name as a direct link to your site. Standard listings appear below the enhanced listings and are sorted alphabetically. The cost of a standard listing is £10 (Once Only Payment).
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